Q: We use a website to sell our product or service. Does that make us IT/Software?
A: Websites and apps are part of many marketing strategies. If the value added created by your product requires an app, website, or software program, then the idea should be classified under IT/Software. If the app/website is being used as a marketing tool or one of the channels to market, another category may be more appropriate. For example, consider two solar technologies. One is an app/website that aggregates reviews, contact information and reviews of all installers in a 200 mile radius. The value added by the idea is the collection and delivery of information through the app. It should be classified in IT/Software. The other company is a solar installation company that has a website with a cost calculator and a tool that estimates solar power potential based on their address. The value added by this company is in the installation of the panels themselves and the web tools are used for marketing. This company should be classified in Clean Technology.

Q: Our product fits into multiple categories. Which one should we choose?
A: The categories are listed in order of decreasing specificity. You should pick the first (most specific) category you feel applies to your product.

Q: We have pivoted and now feel like we should be placed in a different track. Can we change?
A: This policy is region-specific. In the Capital Region, a team may change their track up until they submit their final presentation for the regional event. Inform the organizer and you will be re-categorized. At the finals, teams must compete in the track they advanced in at the regional competition.