2017 New York City Semifinal Competition

2017 New York City Semifinal Competition


The New York City Semifinal Competition of the 2017 New York Business Plan Competition (NYBPC) will be held at the Long Island University's Brooklyn Campus at 1 University Plaza, Brooklyn, NY on Friday, March 31, 2017. Student teams from the New York City Region that meet the eligibility requirements below are invited to submit applications for their idea or venture under one of the following six categories:  Information Technology/Software, Social Entrepreneurship/Non-Profit, Clean Technology, Advanced Technology, Products, and Services.  For more detailed descriptions of these categories please see below.

We are pleased to present an array of training and other programs to help you prepare a terrific and winning business plan presentation

Stand Out Finding Your Brand Identity @Etsy in Dumbo - March 9, 3-5 PM

    As entrepreneurs, it is important to learn how to position your product or business in the marketplace so that you stand out from your competition and effectively attract     your target customer. At Etsy, a marketplace with over 1.7 million active sellers, competition and market saturation are struggles our sellers encounter every day. The     sellers who learn to craft a strong unique selling proposition and build a clear brand message are able to successfully differentiate and run businesses that thrive. You can do this too! 

    Join Etsy's Seller Account Management Team for a two-hour interactive workshop to learn tips and skills that Etsy's top performing sellers use to grow their brands and find success on the platform. Together participants will take this knowledge to look at their own business ideas and get a chance to work 1-on-1 with Etsy Admin to refine their business’s brand position. 

    This program is limited to 40 students who will be applying to the Competition.  To register, contact Edgar at Agnes.Schumacher@liu.edu.   

3-D Design and Printing Mentorship Day @MakerBot (Brooklyn) - March 17 2-4 PM

    MakerBot is thrilled to support the upcoming NYC Business Plan Competition hosted by Long Island University, where students will pitch their businesses to a panel of judges. In support of these young entrepreneurs, MakerBot will host a 3D printing and design Mentorship Day at its headquarters on March 17.

    At the Mentorship Day, we invite all participating teams to attend and receive hands-on 3D printing experience, as well as learn more about subjects like software, manufacturing, and marketing from MakerBot’s in-house experts. Working with 3D printing develops strong design thinking skills, and offers powerful prototyping and concept modeling capabilities that are especially valuable for startups and entrepreneurs.

    This program is limited to 30 students who will be applying to the Competition.  To register, contact Edgar at Agnes.Schumacher@liu.edu.

Application Deadline (Online on this site) - March 24 at Midnight

    Application is available elsewhere on the site.  Please consult the Rulebook for details and recommendations.  We suggest you don't wait until the last minute.  

Submit Your Presentation Online - March 24 at Midnight

    Presentations must be submitted as either a PowerPoint presentation (PPT) or a PDF file. These are the only formats that can be accepted and will be eligible for competition.

Practice Your Pitch @ LIU Brooklyn - March 24, 10 AM

    This is a great chance to practice your presentation and receive feedback from public speaking experts, and business plan specialists.  Check back later for time and place details.

NYC Regionals of NY Business Plan Competition @LIU Brooklyn - March 31 10 AM - 2 PM

    Each team will have 10 minutes to pitch, which will be followed by 5 minutes of Q&A with the panel of investor judges. Judges are advised to act as they would in a closed-door boardroom investment presentation during the Q&A session.  Prizes will be awarded to the top two teams in each of the six categories.  Total prize value is estimated at $50,000.  Prizes include Microsoft BizSpark platforms for top two winners in the IT and Advanced Tech categories (teams must have a concrete plan to form an incorporate business in the near future), and packages of professional services to help winning teams strengthen their business ideas and presentations for future challenges and development.  

    The two winning teams in each of the six categories from the New York City Regional Semifinal Competition will advance to the final round of the NYBPC on Friday, April 28, 2017 in Albany, NY. They will compete head-to-head for the grand prize against regional semifinal winners from New York’s 9 other Regional Economic Development Council zones – Central New York, North Country, Mohawk Valley, Finger Lakes, Western New York, Southern Tier, Capital Region, Mid-Hudson, and Long Island.

Here is more information about the Categories.  You must select only one category for your application.

Information  Technology/Software

  • Any idea, technology, product, and/or service that relates to apps, informational technology, software, and/or internet applications in for profit enterprises.  If the value that your idea or technology provided lies in the creation of or is delivered through an app, then you belong in this category.
  • Examples: An app that helps pairs potential roommates, a website/app that uses social media to collect payments from friends, a web service designed to tailor resumes for specific jobs, a file sharing service, an app or website that aggregates data and reviews about solar panel installers.

Social  Entrepreneurship/Non-Profit

  • Any idea, product, and/or service that addresses a social need, for which profit is not the primary motivation, or provides a product/service for nonprofits. If formed, the venture would be either a Benefit corporation or be eligible for 501(c) status.
  • Examples: Selling a good or service that raises awareness and donates significant portion of the revenues to a cause, organization that provides financial literacy training, cooperative non-profit coffee shop, bike trail, a website to connect community members with volunteer opportunities.

Clean  Technology

  • Any idea, technology, process, product, and/or service that relates to energy, clean energy, renewable energy, energy efficiency, environmental, and/or sustainability applications.
  • Examples: Recycling technology, LED manufacturing technology, lithium ion batteries, clean energy crowd funding service, composting subscription service.

Advanced  Technology

  • Any idea, technology, product, and/or service that relates to materials science, life science, advanced hardware, semiconductors, optics, and/or electronics applications that are not applicable to Clean technology. These products and processes have been likely developed after years of laboratory research and have patent protection.
  • Examples: High-performance skis coated with nanomaterial, vibration detector, new method for testing pharmaceuticals, physical therapy massager.


  • Any physical, tangible goods offered for sale.
  • Examples: Custom designer eyewear, vending machine, protein shakes, craft beer or alcoholic beverages, innovative water bottle, locally sourced tea, camera backpack.


  • A value add process for delivering products of fulfilling customer needs.
  • Examples: Lice removal company, meal delivery, custom clothing design, custom song writing service.

Competition Format
Presentations must be submitted as either a PowerPoint presentation (PPT) or a PDF file. These are the only formats that can be accepted and will be eligible for competition. 


The toolkit is a collection of documents, videos and external links to provide you some guidance before submitting your entry.

2017 New York Business Plan Challenge Rulebook




<p>These are the 2017 New York Business Plan Challenge Rules.</p>